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Business Start-Ups

When you begin a new business, you will want to concentrate your energies on building it up. You will not want to worry about the routine paperwork, although you may value advice where important early decisions are required.

If you are starting a business as a sole trader, we can deal with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to register you for Income Tax and National Insurance purposes. We can advise you in selecting the month of the year for your financial year-end.

If you are considering using a limited company for your business start-up, we can provide advice to help you decide on whether a company is right for you. We can administer the formation of the company for you. We can deal with HMRC on your behalf and advise you on your choice of company's financial year-end.

You may also find our other services useful when you are starting your new business, for example, our tax planning services, payroll, VAT and bookkeeping services. We offer competitive fees for our start-up services because we know you will want to contain your costs.

If you are beginning in business we would like to meet you to discuss your ideas and how we can help you.

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