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Our broad experience enables us to advise on commercial problems, company law and employment matters which arise from time to time. You may for example, wish to change your company's ownership structure in order to bring in your children. We can advise you and prepare the necessary documentation.

We can also advise on major one-off transactions. For example, you may be considering acquiring a new business or disposing of your existing business. We can assist you in getting the best terms for you and advising on potential tax and other opportunities and pitfalls.

If you are considering purchasing an investment or business property, we can work in conjunction with your solicitors to assist you with contract negotiations as well as advising you on the taxation issues arising with your transaction. VAT in particular, can be an issue with a transaction involving a commercial property and this will need to be handled correctly in order to avoid a large VAT liability.

We can assist you in setting up a small self-administered pension scheme in which you can invest company profits in a tax efficient manner. In some circumstances it will be advantageous to use the scheme to acquire your business property.

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